At Campagna, we take great pride in serving food made from ingredients that are carefully selected for to achieve the freshest, local flavors, which we then combined with authentic Italian imports.

Owners Joe and Elizabeth Montemorano’s concept of artisanal Italian country cuisine was born on a farm in Charlton, New York. The family’s property there was formerly a gentleman's horse farm belonging to Elizabeth’s father, John Gibbons, a successful restaurateur and Standardbred horse breeder / trainer.

Following in the Gibbons family’s footsteps, Joe and Elizabeth grew their own fresh food and appreciated the bounty of the land. With this inspiration, the couple set out to create a restaurant that would be true to John Gibbons’ “made from scratch” ideology, combined with the country cuisine of Joe and Elizabeth’s shared Italian heritage.

Campagna’s recipes for artisanal breads, fresh egg pastas, meatballs, and sausage are all family traditions. Our meat is ground in house, ensuring the highest possible quality. Our seafood is seasonal and only fresh. Our desserts are all made in house, even our small-batch gelato is casalinga, homemade.

We hope you enjoy our piazza!​